We believe that life change happens in the context of relationships. A life group is a great opportunity to get to know people with some of the same interests as you and to do life together outside of the church walls.

Hang tight while we prepare your form...


Group Me and Chill

Young adults chillin

Tayliana Rains


2nd Mile

Take the next step in your walk with Jesus.

Once a month, round table discussions about the word of God.

Stephanie Webster

YPC - East side of church/ boat command door

6 pm


Teaching young women how to have good Godly friendships.

High School Girls

Alisen Key and Jessica Maner

918 864 4124

7 Woodcreek Lane

7 pm


Learning to live uncommon in a common world.

Youth Ladies / 9th & 10th grade

Bailey Rains

918 530 8182

7 pm

Broken < Unbroken

"The world despises broken people, but God takes pleasure in using broken things."

Join us in gaining a new perspective of his mercy, provision, and learn to depend on Him more.

Women's Group

Kelsey Espinoza

918 373 4550

7 pm


Finding Your Happy

Women finding their balance, joy and happiness.

Valerie Albert

918 803 3609

7 pm

Happy Wives Club

Learning and Supporting one another to be Godly virtuous wives.

Misty Rosamond

918 373 0205

7 pm




Kaitlyn Gaskins

Bret Lococo

918 949 5404

918 352 8809

7 pm


Second Wind

Building life giving relationships that encourage

and enbable us for the journey ahead

~40 and over

Jeff and Lynn Unruh

580 484 1548

6:30 pm


Pursuing your spouse just as God pursues us.

Married couples

Rich and Leann McElhannon

918 652 5428

7 pm


Thursday Morning Men

Prayer and bible study group of the New Testament

Men's Group

Kim ritchie

21 N Vann Ritchie Law firm

7 am

Virtuous Young Ladies

Jr. High and High School are not easy, but when you're a virtuous young lady you have Jesus right there with you. Come learn how to be virtuous.

Youth Ladies

Nicole and Melody Rouge

918 806 6223

6 pm

Veterans Bible Group

Activities and support directed to Veterans

2nd and 4th thurs

Tim Lawson

918 530 1293

American Legion Post 182 west door

7 pm


Enjoy your photos for years to come as we put together scrapbooks and photo albums.

Women's Group

Nicole Rouge

918 803 6223

1504 Ginger CT Pryor, ok

7:30 pm


Marriages aren't fireproof. Sometimes you're gonna get burned. Fireproof doesn't mean that the fire will never come, but that when it does you'll be able to withstand.

Married Couples

April Orange

918 864 6593


Ladies U-Nite!

Ladies night! Ladies going out and making friends.

Last Friday night of the month

Cassie Craven and Katrina Roberson

918 824 5723

6 pm


Men's Spiritual Leadership

Eric Cravens

918 533 8768

6:30 pm


Post18 and Exchange leader hang out.

Taylor and Bailey Rains

7 pm

Finding Your Happy

Women finding their balance, joy, and happiness.

Valerie Albert

918 803 3609

7 pm


Hebrews 12:1

2018 is off to a great start! Let's keep it that way by going from couch potatoes to 5k runners!

Anyone welcome

Nicole Rouge

918 803 6223

8 am

Quest Night

Join us for games and snacks!

Youth and young adult

Alex Rouge and Daniel Kile

918 803 6223

7:30 pm

Music & Coffee

Hangout, Play Music, Talk Music, and let's not forget the Coffee!

All skill levels, No judgement! No instruments needed!

Ruben Espinoza

918 864 0606

9:30 am